European Language Courses are based on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR), Learning, Teaching, Assessment; a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of European languages by
the Council of Europe which divides the levels of proficiency.




Standard for introductory e.g. introduction of greetings, with brief examples of situation.

Intermediate for those who have some standard skills with more detailed and complicated lessons




Advanced for high skilled of language learners which are taught with the high-specific lessons




These levels of skills will be evaluated from the students in every language course, not only the conversational test for levels of languages placement before beginning the classes, but also the tests during the lessons and after lessons in speaking, writing, reading, and listening for next level preparation.



Courses for kids, pupils, students, and general interests; courses for university entrance preparation: the teaching has the British-European styles from native speakers and expert Thai teachers. Learners will maintain the training of listening, speaking, writing, also additional grammars.



The second popular European language in the world after English with all French learning styles. The courses are divided in standard, intensive, and test preparation, all for non-French skilled learners, also for university test preparation and overseas education.



One of the most popular languages in the world, with German learning system for communication and cultural studies of the Germans, Austrians, and Swiss. The course offers for test preparation, university entrance and studying abroad.



Italy’s magnificent and outstanding language with beautiful accent and intonation for students and general interests with language experience for opening the door of European culture, society and history of the Italians.



The third most speaking language in the world, used in Spain, also Latin American countries, with the extraordinary identity. The course starts the introductory conversational lessons, for general interests of language experience and culture of the Spaniards and the Latin Americans.



National language of Belgium and the Netherlands, for communication and social-cultural studies of the Dutch of the Netherlands, and the Flemish of the Belgians. Dutch is also one of the most important languages for business and international cooperation.

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