Euro Centre Fang is the first official European language school in the northern of Chiang Mai Province, covered in the districts of Fang, Mae Ai, and Chaiprakarn, authenticated by the Office of Private Education Commission, Chiang Mai Provincial Education Office under the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

      For the inspiration to share the language experience following the school’s motto: “Learn the language to open the world” is a chance for learners; students or adults can be widened up by languages and achieve the goals in the future

      Furthermore, Thailand, with other 9 Nations in South East Asian Region are cooperated into Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic Community. It is hence not only a chance to use the global language, which is English, but also a chance to learn and develop more skills. More Europeans coming to travel, and seek cooperation in Thailand.

      Teachers here are mostly chosen from European countries; Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms, etc. They are chosen with valuable experiences and qualification, are well-oriented with Qualified International Language Institutes, which to be certified with the proficiency of teaching, and are be also trusted by another public schools of external organisations to be cooperated in some external activities (ex. At schools, or universities)


      Fang is a district located in Northern Chiang Mai, around 150 kilometres away from the city centre (Muang Chiang Mai). It is bordered to Chiang Rai Province, and also the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Fang is a thousand-year historical city, and is surrounded by mountains as one of the best natural resources which becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chiang Mai, and Thailand. Thai-or-foreign tourists make several visits, particularly in winter. Fang has various tourist attractions, e.g. temples, gardens, mountains, etc.

Chedi Ngam Temple

Fang Hot Spring

Thanatorn Orchard

Mount Ang Khang

Mount Pha Hom Pok

Thailand’s 2nd highest mountain


In winter

โรงเรียน ยูโร เซ็นเตอร์ ฝาง



319/19 หมู่ที่ 5 ถนนโชตนา

ตำบลเวียง อำเภอฝาง

จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ 50110

โทร. 088-958-6866

อีเมล์ euc_online@outlook.com


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